Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Why is it so hard to let the little things go?

The way that girl looked you.

The irritation you felt from the cashier.

The way a driver cuts you off just to stop and make you wait.

This last week was nothing short of just plain ole awful.  A little boy hit my kid on the bus.  I knew I had to notify the school. The problem was I felt like it was pulling teeth to be heard & believed.

That is one feeling I truly loathe.

When all of my heart is crying out in earnest truth and I am not believed.  It's a terrible feeling.

Joel and I would lay in bed and go to sleep in moments because we were SO.SO.TIRED from all the school shenanigans.

The things is I wasn't trying to pass a new law.
I wasn't trying to allow gum-chewing again in schools.
I wasn't even trying to force my way.
I was just trying to keep my child safe.

I felt like I was fighting for the right to breathe.
As if Oxygen were a privilege.

Friday, Jude went back to school after 2 days off while I tried to sort through the legal mumbo jumbo.  He came home with a note from the boy who hit him.  The boy, who when confronted about this, broke down in tears and said, "Im so sorry I hit Jude!'  The note was 'kindergarten-like' with bright colors and pictures of sweet kids playing and a sunshine.  At the top was written simply in 5-yr old handwriting;

I'm Sorry Jude

Jude was so proud of it.  It was the first thing he wanted to show me.  I was so proud of my forgiving child.  I was also proud of this young boy who readily admitted what went wrong.

I wasn't so proud of the school system but THAT we are working through.  Documenting a new plan, getting Jude to be comfortable enough to 'tell' AS SOON as anything happens, rather than waiting out of fear of getting a friend in trouble.

It's hard to get a through a week like this without losing faith in humanity. 
I guess that is why God gave us children.  To remind us that a simple apology coupled with remorse and humility is nearly impossible to ignore.  I wonder who I need to apologize to today.  I wonder who I need to forgive.

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