Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I grew up disliking its taste. 

It was bitter and not satisfying. 

I used to go to coffee shops hoping to like what i ordered but would leave the cup mostly full.

Truth be told, coffee shops were (and still are) more about conversation than coffee.

Then I married Joel. 

Each morning, he wanted a hot cup of fresh, black coffee.

Black. Like no cream or sugar. 

I started to try and share this with him in the mornings...

I would have the occasional cup.

Since having both boys, the occasional cup turned into the 'near obsession' I now have for coffee.

So much so that if I had to choose coffee or a meal, hands down, I will pick coffee.

Joel picked up on my obsession recently 

He purchased this love present from Sur la Table (one of my favorite culinary stops) 
Isn't it SO pretty?

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