Monday, January 3, 2011


I love a good new year.
This one is especially hopeful and bright.

My sons are at fantastic ages - ones I am kind of savoring more than ever.

Leland gives kisses.  Jude still snuggles.  Receiving love back from my kids  -  Makes it all so worthwhile.

Joel & I enjoyed an 11-day vaca together - do you know how much freelance he did?  NONE!  First time he could say that in over 2 years.  We rested.  We laughed.  We enjoyed one another. 

We set some goals for the New Year.  They aren't resolutions.  They are very specific & ones we can achieve.  I'm excited to to be running 2-3 miles right now. I'm so glad to have formed some new & inspiring friendships lately.  I'm excited to be cooking more food than I ever have in my life.  I'm turning 30 this coming July & I am excited about walking into what I pray is the healthiest decade of our lives. 

With knowledge at our fingertips about food/exercise/rest, we are excited to build a future for our children that will provide them the best shot at a healthy long life.  What a gift that is.

Wishing you all a healthy 2011 full of wisdom & love. 

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