Monday, January 31, 2011


Pregnant with Jude 2005

Joel and I have endured many busy seasons.
He was a full time student when we got married and worked a 3am-9am job at UPS.

Then we worked for a church more hours than any human, let alone, christian ought to.
Really tough.

Now, Joel is doing the job he always imagined in addition to being a Dad to 2 sons.
Good tough.

This weekend was just what we needed.  A date night out on Friday night.  Our kids slept til 9am Saturday morning (that NEVER happens).  Great afternoon with family & Joel & I turned the TV off Saturday night just to be together, laughing, dreaming.

As the alarm clock went off over and over this morning, we both faced the reality that the weekend was over.  I could sure go for another one right now. 

Hope you're all about to enjoy a brilliant Monday!  We've got thrift store shopping on our agenda!

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