Monday, January 10, 2011

how we doing?

Joel and I were pretty determined to make NO resolutions.

We thought..."Everyone just breaks them anyway..."

But, inevitably we kept sliding into these conversations about setting out goals to acheive something this coming year....we had to laugh.  I guess we're just created that way.  A new year marks such hope & there is just such a fresh start to be had.

Mine are simple

1-Prioritize often (God/Joel/Kids/Work) - staying organized is key in all of this, which people think I'm great at.  Truth is, I have to work REALLY hard at being organized. 
2-Activity - with heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure & more on both our sides of the family, we are determined to make activity the norm.  Like brushing our teeth.  We are both healthy as oxes and hope to stay that way. 
3-Creating - This last year was huge for me - huge for me in stepping outside of myself and seeing if I'm really good at anything other than being a person, mom & wife.  Found out I can sorta cook/bake...I can pull out some cool things using color & balance in a person's face by way of makeup....I can even do a little accounting.  ha.  I want this year to be more of the same.  Exploring. Creating. NOT fearful of failure only fearful of refusing to try.

I am hopeful that 2011 will be so beautiful & so refreshing.  Already has been. 

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