Thursday, January 13, 2011

see...there is this woman

She is the definition of humility.
She is creative & kind. 
Her life has been one of such sacrifice but such joy.

It was only by 24 hours that she chose NOT 
to take a vow of celibacy in a convent. 
Because she met her soul mate. 

She was romanced by this fellow.
He left their country in search of a future. 

4 years later, faithful as can be.
He came back for her. 

He married her. 
He got a house for her. 
They began their life together. 

5 children were raised in their home.
They did not have much. 
They worked very hard in a country not easy to navigate.

Out of their faithfulness came 5 brilliant persons. 
All of whom serve & love & create as adults today.
Those 5 created 7 grandchildren.
Out of those 7 grandchildren have come 10 great grandchildren. 

All because she didn't take that vow. 
Today I wish a Happy Birthday to my beautiful Grandmother. 
I like to call her 'Abuela' 
I am SO blessed to have her here with us - healthy & happy. 

She has prayed us all through the tough times
Celebrated the happy times

I love her more than a blog can possibly explain. 

I love you, Abuela.  Happy Birthday!



Susan said...

Jess, That was so beautiful written, I love my mama and so proud to be the yougest of her 5 children.. This brought tears to my eyes and lump in the throat...
She is such a Blessing....

Learner4Life said...

Oh my gosh, Jess...WHAT an inspiration! THANK you for sharing her beautiful story!! What a legacy she is leaving!! Bless your sweet Grandma!!