Thursday, January 6, 2011

an innocent prayer

I dropped Jude off at school quick this morning.  I had to hurry back to get the day begun. Floors swept, laundry folded.

Jude and I typically have a quick convo in the car.  Subjects range from cool 'army guys' he wants for his next the latest Wii game he wants to something funny a kid said at school.

This morning, he wanted to pray together.  We normally pray on the way to school.  Usually its my idea, though. Not his.

I prayed for his day.  I asked God to protect his heart & mind.  I then left an open space for him if he wanted to say his own prayer.  He did.

He said, with batman-gloved hands folded:

"Dear God, thank you for this beautiful day.  Please protect us and keep us safe.  Thank you for the little bit of snow on the ground.  Thank you for watching over us.  Please bless everyone in the whole world today. "

My heart melted as I watched him in the rear view mirror...his eyes were wrinkled shut and his little lips pursed with each word he uttered.  This child truly believes there is a God that hears him.  I was so encouraged to see his sweet heart and hear his innocent prayer.

I wonder if kid prayers mean more than anything to God.  They are spoken with no request...just to be heard.  *smile*

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PatJes said...

Indeed - a tremendous moment! I appreciate you sharing! One day (Lord willing) you will have an opportunity to listen to your child admit his need for a savior and invite Jesus into his heart. You will literally feel your heart squeeze! 'Till then, I pray God's providence and protection over those young men.