Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Squeeze Tighter. Love Deeper.

A friend of ours passed away last week. We knew him well at one point in time.

3 months before he married his bride, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. They were in love, full of faith, and partnered up in covenant. I just sank in my seat reading up on the blog his Mom wrote for him....as she watched him fight, suffer, and just last week....drift away.

I admired this mother for her courage....but for how much she poured into her children while they were here. It blew my mind, honestly.

It makes me want to be better. More honest. More in love. More passionate. More 'in the moment' rather than waiting for what might be next. I pray for Amy (his wife) as she is in the toughest part of her grief without her life partner on earth any longer. Her sorrow is so deep - so raw. I pray for a holy comfort - one not a human could conjure up - to envelop her.

Today I will hug these boys a bit tighter...and when my man arrives home tonight, I will tell him I love him one more time than I normally do.

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