Monday, March 22, 2010

never a day like today

So, it's rainy out. Cold. So unlike last week.

However, for some reason, I arose before my waking baby and felt a freshness. I knew today was a day to use and accomplish much.

After a really intriguing message at our church yesterday, I came home excited. I have been around the bible a long time. However, just going through a study of one of its books (John) has me intrigued. What will I find in this time around? What new and fresh piece will come alive?
So, what's the plan for this rainy day?

-Soak in some of this great book of John
-Reinforce to Jude the power of "Living a life full of Love" like he learned yesterday at church
-Cuddling the cutest baby I know
-Cleaning/Cooking/Laundry (just like everyday)

What will you do with your Monday?

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