Monday, March 15, 2010


Do you ever get sick of what you hear in the media about the 'STARS' who are caught in domestic violence? DUIs? Drug Use? Sex Scandals?

I imagine the life they lead...walking in and out of their homes escorted by paid individuals who protect them from harm. They have tinted windows on their car, sunglasses covering 2/3 of their face, and are faced with dozens of cameras flashing left and right.

NOT the life I want.

However, I compare that life with what I see in the church today. Yep. The church.

The leaders of churches are watched like hawks. Their lives and actions are under a microscope. If they mess up, people get anxious and begin questioning whether what they have heard them teach "all this time" is really true. I mean....really....being a minister these days is the same as being a celebrity - just without all the money.

I think the only solution to this is to quit treating these leaders/ministers like celebrities. Why do people think they are better if they get invited to dinner at their house? Sometimes it is like a race to who can go up and talk to the pastor first. I mean, really? Whose approval are we after?

If we put such ministers up higher and higher on pedestals of fame....get ready to have them come tumbling down at the first sign of 'human' behavior they exhibit. What if our 'needyness' to leadership was placed toward God....the only perfect being. What if instead of bragging on how we had lunch 'with the pastors' , we bragged on how much we enjoyed a quiet house filled with worship to the Creator of the World.

I will tell you what will happen:

1-God will be heard speaking to His people
2-Pastors will have the freedom to be transparent with their people without fear of offense
3-Our esteem will be placed on a Rock rather than in waivering relationships based on what 'men' think of us
4-We will finally function as the whole, redeemed and healed people God has made us to be.

Pray for your leaders....encourage them...serve them...but remember whose approval you need!

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