Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I heart my church...

So, we go to a church in Lakewood.

I can honestly say we have found a home there.  Originally, we knew the leaders there through Joel's freelance work and doing some guest worship leading.  A year later, we see something unique in the culture of this place.

It's a common thing to hear people 'say' that we're to be "Be the Church" today.  I have said it often myself.  However, this is a group who is really doing it.  I walk into the building...am greeted with smiles and lots of love for Leland (who flirts with all the women there.)  Joel leads worship and has been flabbergasted at the talented group he is able to work with.  It's humbling.

As a mom, though, i must say I am astonished at how my nearly 5 year old is learning the truth of the Bible in a fun, memorable and safe way.  On the way to church, he begs me if he can go to his class....he willingly chit chats with his friends once there...and when I come to pick him up, he has memorized a portion of the Bible...created a craft to visually represent it...and made a unique memory with the caring workers there.

I ask him the infamous "Mom" question in the car: "What did you learn in your class today, Jude?"  I sit amazed at the detail of what he has learned.  He begins to talk about 'living a life of love' everyday.  He will mention how important it is to be respectful to Mommy & Daddy.  He will even remind me that he wants to go home and read his bible.

When it comes to 'church' (which most think of as a building), I am honored/humbled/delighted that we crossed paths with this one.

I also must express the importance in thanking the people who take care of these precious children each week.  Their sacrifice is not only in missing church that Sunday....but in the hours of prep...the shopping for prizes and craft supplies...scheduling and yes, prayer over our kiddos! wow!  What if we blew them away this coming week and gave them a 'Thank You' note?  What if we stuck a $5 Starbucks gift card in their bag?  It doesn't take much to show love...it just means you actually need to do it.

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