Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Greatest Day Ever"

Yesterday. Monday. Normal routine.

Jude followed me around as I mopped the floor. I could sense he was a little bored. I put down the mop, looked at his little face and had a plan.

I sent him to grab 3 sheets of copy paper. check.

I told him to grab the best crayons in the house. check.

I told him he had a spot saved next to Mommy. I proceeded to show him how to fold a paper airplane. He was fascinated. How could 'paper' suddenly transform into an aircraft? Before his very eyes, this beautiful plane had been constructed and was ready to be decorated.

He made his plane colorful with shapes all over it. I used different color circles for mine and made one for Joel with 'manly' blue/green/tan stripes.

The next part of the day was the best. We have a set of stairs and a loft that you can look over - so I raced him to the top and we flew our planes down over and over and over and over.

For him the best part of the day was racing those planes...for me the best part was hearing him say, "Mommy, this was the Greatest Day EVER!"

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