Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the bff

I remember being a little girl and creating my 'list' what I wanted in a guy. Truth be told, I wanted a "David & Goliath" type. Super duper strong - so strong he could toss a rock at a big scary giant and kill it on the spot...yet so sensitive that he played the harp and wrote poetry. Hot, huh?

In reviewing the past years in Jr. High & high school, the guys I was drawn to had some similar characteristics to this: Musicians, Musicians, Musicians.

After being told I would probably marry someone like my Dad, I used to confuse myself as to why I wasn't attracted to the leader/speaker/pastor type. I just wasn't. Was I being rebellious? It just wasn't my dish.

Funny, after Joel and I became friends at Teen Mania, he invited me to sing with him on his worship team. We used to meet up with friends at this 'hole in the wall' breakfast joint and honestly laugh until our sides hurt. I realized, "Gosh, I love this guy! He is my best friend!" Not realizing it, he was assuming the same thing. When time came for us to go back home (Joel to MI and me to OH) - we got sad. What would happen to this friendship?

Obviously, through some awkward moments...we finally decided that our "BFF" needed to be our spouse. I have never regretted that decision.

A wise friend once told us, "When you wonder if 'he/she' is the right person for you, ask yourself, are they your best friend? If so, then you found 'em!" (Thanks Keith, good advice!)


danielle said...

this was such a lovely post, you two are good role models!

JMillerFam said...

thanks danielle.

Joey and Nikki said...

your beautiful, eloquent in speech and engaged in life...
just found this family blog of yours and am really enjoying it.
nikki papa

JMillerFam said...

oh girl, thanks! appreciate you following along...life is too much fun not to document the journey.