Thursday, June 9, 2011

vegan day 79

So, my original goal in this quest was try out the vegan lifestyle for a 90 day period.


To see if my body would respond to the diet difference and heal itself, decrease or eliminate pain associated with endometriosis & cause overall health & wellness.

I'm 11 days away from the 90 mark and the furthest thing from my mind is going back to meat & dairy.

I am fully embracing the plant-based lifestyle and am amazed at the energy level.  It's the most noticeable change I've seen.  I feel like I even sleep better.

The most commonly asked question I get is how do you make separate meals for your non-vegan family members?  The truth is I don't really...

I just try to think smart.  If I know a certain meal will be unappealing to the boys, I'll make my 'part of the meal' first and then add what I know they'll love.  For instance last night, I made a typical homemade pizza - kept a bit of the dough for my part of the meal and kept mine without the fresh mozzarella.

If we're grilling out, I give Joel his beloved meat & I have my egg plant or vegan patty ready to throw on the grill too.

What I am finding is the snacks & foods I'm getting for myself are finding their way to the entire family as they discover what I've learned in 79 days and that is this: Vegan living isn't eating bad-tasting's bringing out the richness & flavor in food from the ground!

To those who have emailed me about starting a plant-based diet, do a 90-day challenge & see how you like it.  I bet you might just fall in love with veggies, beans & legumes too!

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