Monday, June 27, 2011


My little Leland, who we affectionately call "Lebe"....has been a blast already this summer.

His joy for being on center-stage is really coming out.  If people are watching, he is performing.

He is saying short sentences like 'What's That?"  or  "Uh-oh Mama...."  amongst hundreds of other words.  I can just see he is pleased that he can finally communicate with us & it's so beautiful.

With the wedding season in full swing, I'm gone alot at makeup trials or doing makeup for bridal parties and I'm seeing such a sweet bond between Joel & Leland....they are becoming buds and I can tell when I get back from a long day away....he's getting more & more into hanging with the dudes.

While I'm open to having a third, there is something in me that feels the need to really savor this little age, so sweet & mostly innocent....

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