Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the 12 minute project

I must admit I am not the most organized person.

People totally think I am.

I am NOT.

I am forgetful.

Good thing Jude and I had a little talk before he went to bed about the 'costume' he was supposed to wear this morning as the Letter M from the "Letter People" - here is how that conversation went down:

Me: Alright bud, let's get your PJ's on & have some book time...
Jude: Tomorrow is Tuesday right?
Me: Right.
Jude: Yay!  I get to come dressed as the Letter M!
Me: Cool bud.  Wait, how do you 'come dressed' as the letter M?  Were we supposed to get a costume from school?
Jude: No....we were supposed to make one.
Me: Oh...what was it supposed to look like?
Jude: Just like the Letter M
Me: And tell me what the Letter M looks like....
Jude: He is 'munchy' and he has a yellow mouth with blue legs so you need to color my skin, Mommy, ok?

After Jude went to bed...I frantically went to Joel for ideas.  I'm not good 'on the fly' like he is.

He came up with a 'Munchy M' Design and printed out something we could sketch over a makeshift ghetto lightbox (i.e. a light inside of a tupperware container with a piece of glass over it)

Here is what we came up with - not bad for a total of 12 minutes of prep....

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