Tuesday, June 14, 2011


With all that could possibly go wrong in the world today, it's easy enough to give into the crabbiness...but then there are those 'sun scattering' persons out there who care enough to smile...love enough to be honest...and truly make the day bright.

I hope to be one of those persons in the lives of my friends. I hope to be the person who cares enough to give a compliment despite my own insecurities.  I notice this from time to time....this wierd withholding of kindness as a way to be or appear like the 'cooler' person.  It's SO obvious that insecurity marks such an ommission.  Love means being 'out loud' about it.  Love also is humble enough to realize there will always be someone 'better/prettier/skinnier/richer/artsy-er'  etc. 

Life will throw us tough stuff.  It's our job to either catch it & deal or dodge it and use wisdom the next time it comes our way.

Love this print from Kantan Designs

A person in my life a LONG time ago once told me..."If you still have the strength to sing in the shower, life can't be THAT bad..."

sing away, loves.....

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