Friday, June 17, 2011

intense....but loving it

Many of you know the story of Kajal.

The brand I was lucky enough to stumble upon through my dear friend, Kimberly.  I've been amazed as an emerging & developing makeup artist at just how much it takes - so much more than just applying a product to the skin.

It's about creating confidence, identifying the risk each client wants to take, & then making a decision based on the God-given beauty each one has.

It's not rocket science.
It's not surgery.

But....there is really nothing like watching a woman look at herself and truly believe (even if she doesn't say it) that she is beautiful.

Tomorrow is my busiest day ever....12-14 hours straight bouncing between 2 wedding parties that are polar opposite and on separate sides of town.  Praying for great weather....seamless traffic as I won't have a moment to spare....and wedding parties as beautiful and wonderful to work with as this one...

all images courtesy of Tom Forrest Photography

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Erika said...

Fix+ is beauty ambrosia!