Thursday, June 16, 2011


There simply could not be a more opposite person of me than my husband.

While we have similar tastes in food, décor, music & art...our personalities remain vastly different.

I remember our first times together spent getting to know one another....we met while on a 16-hour bus trip to Colorado to climb the 14,000 ft Pike's Peak. We had about 5 hours to talk and it felt like 5 minutes....just so much to learn about the other. 

Last night we celebrated Joel's 31st birthday - for days prior, I would ask him: "Honey, want me to invite some friends over?  We could do a guys night....whatever you want for your birthday!"

He responded simply..."No that's ok, let's just let it be us."

The big difference in who we are is marked by how we view time with people.  We both value friendships a great deal.  However, time with people is like a recharge to my battery whereas time spent alone or in a calm environment is his.

We had a lovely meal...Jude put on an 'Art Show' as the entertainment and then I gave the man what he needed most: Time with his guitar - time without little sticky fingers getting in the way of his strum.

It was just what he wanted....

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