Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sad & happy

You know wanting the best for someone can be really hard.

Joel and I are privileged to live near close family - still working on trying to get the Kalamazoo bunch here but that's another blog post  - but quite a few precious members & over the last few years we've gotten even closer with 2 of our cousins: Allie & Erin

These girls are beautiful; fantastic babysitters; eloquent speakers; mature WAY beyond their years.
More than that, they are the epitome of creatives.
Music // Design // Fashion

Allison just got accepted here and while we're THRILLED for her...I am sorta dreading the day we give that hug goodbye.

This picture might look strange - why would I put chalkboard art next to a cool tweed skirt?

Well, these are both creations by Allison - the one on the left she made with Leland while babysitting him...isn't she SUCH a girl?  The one on the right is one of the garments she made to get into school.

So proud of this girl and cannot wait to boast about her efforts as her skills continue to grow....

Maybe this blog post will make her want to stay....maybe just maybe.  ;-) 

Either way....4 of her BIGGEST fans will be waiting her for her...with vegan muffins upon each and every visit home.

We heart you Al!

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