Saturday, March 5, 2011

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The library has been a place of refuge lately.  Leland is old enough to enjoy reading books and attending story time.  Jude is devouring all of his books at such a pace that we have to keep returning for fresh new ones.

This last trip with the boys was fantastic for 2 reasons:

1-Leland cracked everyone up with how he just walks around like he owns the place and giggled at the fishies in the fish tank.
2-I found a new book for ME!

Nigella Lawson, a brilliant chef, wrote what I believed to be a cookbook.  Although, after making a latte and sitting down with the massive book, I realized it was so much more.  It truly is her memoir.  She tells a story with each recipe.  With every 'food idea' she gives variations or little recommendations so that you can make or adjust to fit your own needs.

Read this excerpt of which I absolutely LOVE:

Sometimes reality has the edge over romance; albeit I have said before, and hand-on-heart declare again, that for me the kitchen is not a place I want to escape from, but to escape to....

She won me over with this line as I feel EXACTLY the same way.  

I am also in LOVE with the photography of the book.  Not only do the meals & desserts look appealing but the step by step photos make these refined dishes seem like a cinch. 

You will see some Nigella food coming soon, folks....stellar recipes that are purposely not pretentious, just comfort food refined. 
Does it help that she is DROP dead gorgeous? 
maple pecan bundt of which I am trying immediately!

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John Myers said...

You can go to to The cooking channel to get alot of Nigella's recipes as well! You know that's how I feel about the kitchen as well! Happy cooking my friend!