Tuesday, March 1, 2011

monday nights matter

Sometimes I look at Mondays as simply my 'task' day - I get a ton done typically.

Last night, was something special.

We've been reading more with Jude.  Joel has especially taken it as 'his time' with his eldest son.  It's been nothing short of miraculous to watch the transformation since the beginning of kindergarten.  Jude read an entire book to Joel after dinner.

Meanwhile, Leland got into trouble putting the 'connect 4' circular pieces in the grids of the bottom of the fridge.  How does he think this stuff up?
he looks dead but he's just getting into trouble!  xoxo

Feeling so blessed to have these 2 guys - and at such lovely stages.  One is learning to read.  One is learning to push my buttons and make me laugh.

Not to mention a man to father them...with love, discipline & a caring demeanor.  Life is sweet.  If we sweat the small stuff, we miss the sweet stuff.  Look closely & write it all down, friends.  Don't miss it. 

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Amie said...

"Life is sweet. If we sweat the small stuff, we miss the sweet stuff. Look closely & write it all down, friends. Don't miss it."

I love this! Oh so true, Jessica. Oh, were you able to get the pieces out of the fridge? hahaha.