Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the haircut


It was traumatic for all involved.  Esp the newbie stylist at Cut 'n' Curls.

Leland clung to me like he was being stabbed.
His screamed as through he was having acid thrown into his eyes or something.
It was crazy & there I sat in the 'kiddie' chair holding my son with his little blonde locks all over me.

It was sad to see his golden tendrils laying on the floor.
They saved me some to keep & now he's a little man.

He looks older & that makes me a little sad.
BUT - he sure is cute & he reminds me even more of his Daddy (which I love)

I think the part that made me smile in that traumatic event was Jude's reassuring tone with his brother.  From the station Jude sat in, he said to Leland, "Brother, just watch me....just watch Big Brother and see it's going to be Ok..."

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