Tuesday, November 30, 2010

oh brie...

As winter approaches, I love experimenting with food in addition to finding ways to cut costs.  It seems things are always more expensive with Christmas...utility bills...unexpected misfortune like our $2500 furnace we had to get LAST year on December 23rd.  ;-( 

I did a little more research this week on our meals - have a plan for the week to keep us under $10/meal.  So excited so I thought I'd share...oh and where would I be without Trader Joe's!!! 

Tonight - grilled spinach & brie on tuscan toast with fresh garlic - this was surprisingly filling and was right around $9.00 (thanks to Trader Joe's carrying a new log of Brie instead of the traditional wedge)

We will definitely do this one again - perhaps as an appetizer with smaller bits of spinach/brie on top of whole wheat crackers.

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