Friday, November 19, 2010


I remember falling in love with Joel while watching him play guitar.
I loved being his 'back-up' singer
So cliche.

He introduced me to Over the Rhine
as well as hundreds of other musicians I've come to know & love

He has always gotten aggression out differently
Some men play sports
Some men drink
Some men start fight clubs
Joel plays electric guitar

His 'day job' is graphic design
He does it day & night, it seems
However, music is his passion.

You know as a Mom, you always think your kids are the best:

I truly feel that my husband is one of the most talented singer/song writers
of his day.  (and not in a 'mom' sorta way)
It's just the truth.

I love you baby  -  thanks for filling our home with music.
Thanks for being OK with our kids throwing your picks inside your guitar.
Thanks for gently allowing Leland to strum like a caveman.

We love you baby.

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