Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's when my son grabs my hand as we walk out of the store to our car

It's when my husband surprises me with a bubble bath & candles 

It's when Leland gives me 14 hugs in a row and I try not to tear up as I want to savor each one

It's when I watch my Grandmother play with my boys
and it reminds me of the way she played with me.

It's in the recipe exchanging with my Mom as we become more like one another

It's when my husband grabs my hand and dances with me in the kitchen.

It's when my sons show love to one another simply because they are inspired to 

It's when my boys chase around their Dad knowing he is King of Fun in our home

It in the amazing moment when they go to sleep and I can sit alone with him over tea and vent.

It's in the beautiful relationships that give me reason to give, receive and be more than I am.

I am thankful for the beauty of this life. 

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

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Matt and Sarah said...

Love this! It's all the "ordinary" moments that make life so wonderful. Love the family picture too! :)