Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have felt like the biggest sloth these days.

I was seriously busier than I had been in years as of late  - when I got the call regarding surgery, my Mom flew across town to be here.  She stayed with Leland at our house until Jude hopped off the bus and off to Grandma's they went.

You know, I get how hard it can be to handle 2 kids under 5.  It's my life.  I get flustered.  Tired.  Irritable.  The whole time in recovery, I kept feeling SO guilty that my poor Mom had both our kids especially while my Dad was out of the country. 

Funny thing is, all I would receive from time to time would be picture messages like the one above.  Photos of my kids playing....having fun...being silly...

It brought such peace to know that not only were my kids having fun, but my Mom was too.

I left a little facebook note for my Mom.  It was just a thank you for her time and attention to my sons.  She sent me a text later on THANKING ME for how precious my sons were to her.  She was grateful, despite the unfortunate circumstance, to just have this extra time with them.

As a little girl, I spent a lot of time with my Grandma.  I had a TON of time with her.  I loved it.  It was so special and something I truly treasure to this day.  I can't put into words how special it is that my boys will have something similar to what I had with my Grandma.

It also speaks volumes to me about the kind of Grandma I would like to one day be....with so many letting the days & months go by without seeing their grandchildren intimately...I cannot wait to invest in the marriage(s) of my sons & daughter inlaws one day....and take those grandkids and spoil them to bits and pieces.  I really do have the perfect example!


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

That's exactly how I feel. Matt's mom is awesome and keeps the girls a lot for us to have date nights or go on trips. She always kept Hannah and then when Livie came we had about a year where she wasn't too interested in having a tiny baby around all the time. We missed our date nights immensely...eventually she came around though and now she's got Liv just as spoiled as Hannah is. I told Matt that that's how I want to be...to keep my grandkids on the weekends while our kids go out and be close to them like they're close to her. I remember being with my grandma a lot..heck, that's how I played with y'all as kids! Going to church with grandma!

Debi said...

Ditto that Jess! I am blessed with inlaws who have been selfless with their time and resources and love. In return they have undying love from their grandchildren and have nourished and nurtured one of the most important relationships my girls will ever have. I had a similar relationship with my grandparents and I am so thankful for that - and them. I hope to model that one day too!!