Saturday, November 27, 2010


We walked through pottery barn today.

I love that store and everything about it.

Some things I noticed was the monogrammed candles....the bright red wrapped boxes with canvas ribbon...and lots and lots of 'JOY' - meaning the word JOY written all over the store.

I have been in the Christmas spirit pretty much since the day after Halloween.  It's so obvious the retail market has been moving the timeframe of christmas decor/shopping incentives since the downturn of the economy.

It was interesting watching people in the store - all bundled up with their cute hats and boots...sweet babies in strollers with pacifiers and fuzzy hats....boyfriends & girlfriends holding hands and dreaming....

I thought, "Oh my gosh, people are so happy right now....I AM so happy right now...."  and then I realized something...

The internal 'joy' of a person is so severely lacking from December 26 - October 31 - we seem to somewhat depend on that commercialized joy....the written words telling us 'THIS IS HAPPINESS!" But in reality, we can have joy & tidings anytime.

What brings us joy?

Is it buying stuff?
Is it eating delicious food?
is it spending time with people?

This subject interests me - esp with the rise of the use of anti-depressants among all age groups.  I believe, with all my heart, we don't need Christmas music on 24/7 to have joy.  It's internal.  It's a decision.  It's something that is unwavering or moved by external circumstance. 

My next blog post will be part 2 to this - something we did together as a family...that will forever change the way I look at life...until then, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend, dear ones...we sure did.

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