Sunday, November 7, 2010

In just 24 hours

 Everything changed.

From 80 miles per hour to an instant hault.

I had been preparing for a big event.  A really fun event with a very close friend and working and plugging away at the details...It was a fun week in so many ways.

I came home late Tuesday night.  I got in bed with Joel, he turned over to see how I was.  I snuggled in and not even 2 minutes later, the pain began.  It was a pain I had never had before.  It was sharp, stabbing and I started to lose control.  I couldn't mask it or even change positions to get it to stop.  Joel got up, trying to help, I begged him for help.  He went to run a bath for me.  I got out of bed only to pass out.  Joel held me until I came to.  I got into the bathtub writhing in pain.  45 minutes later...I finally felt some relief.  I fell to sleep.

The next morning, Joel urged me to see the doctor.  I was feeling better so I felt sheepish but made the appointment anyway.  An ultrasound gave little insight as to what I was dealing with.  I went to the lab with a blood sample and home I went. 

Thursday morning arrived (the day of our big event)  -  I was feeling better and excited about getting my hair done, makeup done and wearing a shiny black dress with heels. 

Then the phonecall from my OB's office came.  An urgent voice told me I needed to be at Hillcrest right away for emergency surgery.  What for?

#1: I was pregnant
#2: It was ectopic
#3: I was internally bleeding

Feeling like my normal self, I just didn't understand the rush.  Once I got there, Joel and I waited through the registration...additional blood tests...ultrasounds....

Turns out, the night of writhing pain was a cyst that burst on my ovary.  That cyst led me to get medical attention that further prevented me from having my tube rupture from the ectopic pregnancy.  If both had been untreated, I was told that a blood transfusion would have been required to save my life.

I'm home now.  I'm sore.  I'm healing.

I'm sad but grateful.
I was unaware I was pregnant, which I think was probably for the best.

Not sure why I lost a 2nd baby.  My heart gets very sad when I think of that.  I'm staying strong as I can. 

To the family and friends who have called/texted/come over/sent food/sent flowers....I just cannot express how much it has meant to us.  We have felt your love each moment during this time....

More to come...but just to fill you in on what is happening with us.  All our love...the Millers

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