Friday, September 2, 2011

capture life

With life moving so fast these days, I am ever more motivated to get out with my camera so I don't forget. Heck, that is the whole point of this blog: Writing it all down so I can look back.

I love that feeling of clicking on a month a year or two back and remembering what trials & triumphs we faced back then. Usually they are different than what we are facing in the present.

As a makeup artist, I've been surrounded by a lot of photographers. I am amazed at how they work & how they view their subjects. I always love remembering a day watching a photog shoot and then later seeing what they were composing in that very moment.

I have to say one of my favorite photogs is my awesome sis inlaw, Kim. Her company has been exploding the Kalamazoo market over the last several years and I just love when success reaches those who diligently work in their art.

Take a look at her work....and check her out on facebook! (She gives away a free download every Friday!)

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