Wednesday, September 14, 2011

little helper

My sweet Leland is growing up.

His little babbles are turning into sentences - see if you can translate what he is ACTUALLY saying into what he REALLY means:

"I wanna go oside"
"I want elmo"
"I want fishie cackers"
"tank u mama'
"wuv u mama"
"bye bye Ju Ju"
"oh no wheredhego?"
"pidaman" (spiderman)

I am enjoying conversation with this child & he is definitely more comfortable in his own skin knowing he can pretty much tell me what he wants.

Last night, I felt bad. He loves to help me unload the dishwasher. He is still kind of obsessed with the dishwasher. Not sure if I need to plan on him having a career in appliances but either way....he wanted to help.

EXCEPT his helping turned into 2 broken dishes.

Without even realizing I said this, sternly, tonight after dish #2 was shattered, 'No Leland, No break dishes! That was naughty!"

In that moment I forgot it was just an accident. He was just trying to help me. He was just trying to make me look into his eyes and tell him "Good job!" and to earn a little harmless applause.

Instead, he heard me use the word he hates most: NAUGHTY and his eyes welled up with watermelon tears, his little veins started to pop out & he ran into the other room to cry. I followed him to let him know I wasn't mad & we hugged it out.

Trying to be extra patient with my little helper these days....his little heart is still so full of innocence & goodwill.

*deep breath*

Squeezing him extra tight today...I think he forgives me.

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