Tuesday, September 6, 2011

labor day

Joel & I took a few moments to reflect over the weekend. A LONG weekend filled with downtime, work, but mostly downtime.

I had the opportunity to tag team with my favorite makeup artist mentor on a big Indian wedding in the CLE market. It was honestly a ton of fun getting to know this family. A memory I appreciate about it will be while getting ready for the reception....the Mother of Groom sat in my chair to get her makeup done. She was tired and ready for some much-deserved sleep. Her sister walked in the room talking about how ill-fitting her reception garments were. Once she unraveled the fabric, it turned out to be twice as long and really no way she could wear it without practically duct taping it around her waist over and over. I loved watching these sisters laugh & laugh - the kind of laughter you have when you've barely slept and just about anything is funny. I couldn't even do her makeup for a solid 5 minutes - and I loved how in every country, in any language, laughter is such sweet medicine.

Joel overdid the romance this weekend, friends....surprised me with a couples massage at Dragonfly Massage in their new location in Chagrin Falls followed by a beautiful dinner at Jekyll's Kitchen. I might have to say that the addition of a massage to 'date night' really causes you to relax, sleep better & feel closer.

I hope you all got some time in with some family this weekend....Short work week....let's make it count.

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