Monday, September 12, 2011

the gentlemen project

I have to say the longer I'm a parent, the more I'm realizing how much I'm really influencing the future wives of these boys.

Every skill they will take with them into work//marriage//parenting will derive from the way we did things in our home. Sometimes I wonder if I'm screwing my kids up - I probably am a little.

I think one area that we are being successful in is in the area of training up gentlemen. Joel is so phenomenal at this & our boys take notice. It's almost always like on-the-job training when you have a ratio of 3 men to 1 woman in the house. Doors are being opened for me, I am getting the chance to relax after a long day, and occasionally I will hear explanation about 'why it's important to put the toilet seat down.' I just am so grateful for a husband who gets this and shows our sons its importance.

If there is one thing I hope my sons carry on into adulthood is that when looking for a someone to share life with....that they search for a wife...not a Mom. I know I will always think my boys are the greatest ever...but they really ARE going to make fantastic little husbands & dads one day.

LADIES....GET IN about 35 years, that is.....

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