Tuesday, September 20, 2011

one on one

I remember when it was just Jude and I.

My firstborn giggly, smoosh-faced, blue-eyed, ice-cream-loving only child.

With the addition of Leland these last 2 years, I have seen love flourish between two souls in a way I didn't imagine. When 'Ju Ju' leaves for school, Leland cares. When he comes home, he runs back and forth, jumps ridiculously around the house & gets a big bear hug when they meet. Time with the miller boy duo is nothing short of hilarious.

I will say, however:

One-on-one time with my first born doesn't happen enough.

With all the crazy running we do in this life, it's simply difficult to make that time.

Last week I did. I am really glad I did.

It was a simple 30 minute trip to Menchies. Disclaimer: I really cannot stand this new fro-go place. It's always crowded and I feel rushed into a sorbet selection. I will say I tried the pumpkin fro-go and OMG.SO.FAB The reason we went there is because my 6 year old is obsessed.
So there.

We sat down, gave one another a little taste of our custom fro-go/sorbet & basked in a few moments toddler-less. I asked Jude a few questions - the rest went something like this:

ME: So, bud, I feel like we haven't spent much time just you and me....I am sad about that.

JUDE: Me too. (yogurt slurping)

ME: I am going to try and be better at that. Today I want you to know this is something special for just the two of us so if there is anything you want to talk about....now is a great time.

JUDE: Well...(LONG PAUSE & continued yogurt slurpin)...sometimes I miss it when it was just me & you, Mommy. I love Leland but I just miss it sometimes.

ME: I know, baby. Me too.

JUDE: I sometimes miss you.

ME: (trying not to cry) I miss you too, lovebug. It's hard when you are gone at school all day - I sometimes just wish you were home with me.

JUDE: Me too. oh....Mommy!

ME: Yeah?

JUDE: I think when I am a grownup & have a son...I'm going to take them to Menchies too.

ME: I think your son would love it.

JUDE: I also think that his Mom can go to work to make all the money for us & we can just play video games all day.

ME: (laughter) Perhaps she will...

Moral of this blog post:


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Unknown said...

LOVE this Jess. My second one isn't here yet, but already grieving the one on one time with my dear little Abi-lou. Ugh....I was near tears yesterday when I thought on it again. :) Love you!