Monday, September 19, 2011

'til death

It's obvious when an anniversary rolls around that you will think of how far you've come as a couple but this past weekend my vows took on new meaning. We decided to make an impromptu trip to visit Joel's grandfather. Grandpa Jack has been undergoing multiple seizures, possible heart attack & has been responding unfavorably to medication. It's been a roller coaster of text messages with every other text looking grim...

We knew it was the time to go & visit as our trip to Ireland was coming close and perhaps this would be our only time.

I am so glad we did. I mean, sure, it was awesome to see Grandpa Jack & see him on a 'good' day where we were pleasantly surprised to hear him speak, crack an inappropriate joke or two & flirt & flirt & flirt. This old man reminded us a bit of the Grandpa Jack we've always known & loved.

What made me squeeze my Joel a little tighter, however, was watching Grandma Carla care for this man she loved. I don't know that I'll ever forget seeing her sweet hands hold onto his or how she so lovingly put chapstick on his drying lips & then stoop down for a kiss. I listened to her speak of her hope & prayers & bible readings that had given her an arm to lean on during this time. While she was scared of losing him, she stood strong & quite literally stood beside him. Faithful. Faithful. Faithful.

On our car ride home, I will always remember exhaling deeply & holding Joel's hand - knowing the man who sat next to me would do the same for me and I for him.

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