Thursday, August 5, 2010

an email

I am sure we've all sat in the seat of offense.  A place where we've been wronged, scorned or deeply wounded.  Perhaps its words, a insensitive comment or perhaps it's something that 'didn't' happen that hurt even more.

I think I used to think of myself as a very forgiving person.  A person that got over the hurts easily and moved on.  Only recently have I realized that it's selective.  It's sometimes a hard battle when you can let go of some hurts and others you hold onto with no plan to let go of...

I received an email from someone this week.

It had some 'surface' type talk in it but something in it blew me away.  It was a simple phrase...but one I am not used to hearing....and sadly, not used to saying either.

"I'm sorry for how I hurt you."

Those words, just black letters on a screen, grew legs and walked into my heart.  They melted the scorn...peeled away the bitter...and something soft was underneath...healing began.

It's hard to stay upset with someone who is humble.
Its hard to hold onto hurt when true remorse is evident.

It's a good week. I let go of some stuff.

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