Tuesday, August 10, 2010

something I am so thankful for

I value the age old saying, "Count your blessings"

Not only do I believe that thankful people are happier people but I feel like it just does something to review the success of the past. 

I remember the decision for me to stay home with Jude full-time.  After 6 years in hotel sales/marketing, I had become accustomed to a consistent paycheck.  It was something I had pride in.  It felt good to know that my work 'paid' off and benefited my family.  Then....it was gone.

Joel graduated from college...began his career and a new trust in me started to form.  A trust that 'someone one' else would take care of me.

It was a scary yet fantastic feeling to know you are loved that much.  I struggled with the feelings of insignificance..."Am I doing enough to help"  I remember Joel assuring me that he 'preferred' it this way.  Rather than going to work and forgetting which sitter had our son....he knew little Jude was at home with Mommy.  He felt secure and so did I.

I woke up to a latte in the microwave waiting for me (thanks baby)...and feel overwhelmed at the love poured out to me and my sons. 

In the words of Jude..."Thanks for making pennies for us Daddy so that we can have food to eat!" 

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