Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a date

It sort of hit me yesterday.

My son is 5.
He starts Kindgergarten in 2 weeks.
He goes to Disney World with my parents next week.
Which means....THIS is my last full week with him at home.


I told him I wanted to spend some time with him, gave him a few options:

1-Playground of his choice
2-Go to the pool
3-Go to the movies
4-Go to dinner

He chose #3 and asked if we could see "Despicable ME" and then grab dessert afterward. 

I was thrilled at how excited he was.  All through dinner, he kept telling Joel, 'Mommy and I have a date and you can't come..." 

I forget how important the exclusiveness can be to a child.  We added little Leland 9 months ago...and Jude has gotten very little 'one on one' time with us. 

We went to the movie, snuggled, laughed, and enjoyed a little East Coast custard.  I know he is ready for this season he's moving into...the question is 'Am I?'

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