Wednesday, August 25, 2010

bridge to boyhood

I am watching how fast time is going right now.
Life is so sweet with its daily dose of laughter.

Joel is in a season of busy but we're so enjoying the time we are getting.
Jude is prepped for Kindergarten. So am I.
I know his little mind is ready for such structure.

Leland is watching Jude and emulating him in so many ways.
I am enthralled by the sibling thing.
It's amazing and wonderful and there are times with these boys where I can't look away.

I took them on a walk tonight.
We went to Gates Mills...a beautiful walking bridge enchanted us.
We threw leaves over the edge and watched them hit the water. 
I couldn't get over how such a sweet and simple place could capture their attention so.

In this crazy time, I'm trying to take not only actual snapshots...but the mental ones too.  This one is a keeper.
I imagine them fishing on this river together when they are older...

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