Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the quick 5

1-Jude just got back from Disneyworld with my parents.  All I can say is what a blessing it is to have parents who desire intimacy with my kids....desire to invest time into caring for them so Joel and I can make time for  eachother...and never EVER make us feel guilty for the time they are with them.  Thanks for that, Mom & Dad.  I truly realize how rare it is these days for grandparents to spend that kind of time.

2-Jude starts school in about a week.  I'm actually feeling a total change from last week.  I'm ready.  He's ready.

3-I got to a TON of makeup this last weekend with my girl, Kimberly.  It was a remarkable day!  It's such an honor to help in a Bride's day...

4-Leland cracks us up on a daily basis.  Crawling, at times, with both legs straight - resembles the yoga pose "Downward Dog"

5-Joel surprised me with dinner & tix to the theater to see Phantom of the Opera.  Loved it...and surprisingly still knew every single word to every song from back when I was 11 and obsessed with the production.

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