Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jude's bed

I've been half excited and half depressed about the back-to-school season.

On one hand, I am SO sure of Jude's readiness for school and new-found friendships. 

On the other, I am just going to miss the kid alot during the day...the outings we take on a whim...the spontaneous get-togethers with other Moms/Kids.

This morning, I dropped of my parents + Jude to the airport.  They are taking him to Disney World and he couldn't be more excited.  I am so blessed to have parents truly involved and invested in my children.  It was so cute to see him with his little suitcase preparing to go and board his flight. 

I used the time without Jude at home to get his room organized this morning.  I put his school clothes together...got rid of any remaining pants that are too short....cleaned and started to give away some of his little kid toys to his little bro.  Leland crawled around his brothers room cooing and giggling as I got to work.

In an effort to keep a few things from precious Leland, I decided to keep some stuff on Jude's bed knowing that Lee wouldn't be able to climb up there.  After about 45 minutes of cleaning and organizing, I happened to look back to Jude's bed to realize something...at the head of his bed on his pillow lay Woody & Buzz (from Toy Story) and at the foot of his bed were his back pack and lunch box for Kindergarten.  I guess the glance I took on top of watching the Toy Story movies WAY too much...made me a little melancholy. 

The toys....a symbol of him playing at home, pretending, laughing...
The back pack...a symbol of a new season of his life...learning, reading, discovering...

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