Tuesday, June 29, 2010

crazy love

I remember that positive pregnancy test - after SO many negative ones.
I remember letting Jude tell Daddy that another was on his way.
I remember the smell of garlic sickened me.
I remember cleaning out the fridge because I was so sick everytime that door would open.
I remember crying about how this baby was 'finally' on his way.
I remember my parents coming along to find out his gender.
Dad was right all along.
I can still imagine the feeling of his kicks to my ribs.
I can nearly feel it.
I remember all the funny things Jude told me about my growing belly.
From breaking the house to destroying our car - because of my largeness.
I remember having such a desire for breastfeeding to work.
I am so glad it still is.
This little man makes me smile everyday.

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