Wednesday, June 9, 2010

have no fear RED is here

So, I had a bridal consult last night.  It was a blast.  Not only do I have a gorgeous bride to work with....she is a truly beautiful soul as well.  Nothing makes someone look more beautiful than a kind & pure heart.

Her theme is super fun...her style is fantastic and I'm honestly so pumped to rock her out for the biggest day of her life.  We experimented with some red lip colors a ton....I am amazed at how there is a 'RED' for's been a color that's frightened me but with a little bit of trial & error, we found the right one. It's classic.  It's just enough glam.  Oh to do my wedding all over again....

You will have to check back here for her ultimate look post-wedding.  I guarantee she will be a bride any photographer would kill to have in their portfolio.  I'm pretty pumped she'll be in mine. 

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