Tuesday, June 15, 2010

p90x revisited

You may have noticed I haven't updated about this in a while.  I have to admit, I got to the 10K race and running/being outside was just more interesting than being in my basement for an hour each night.  Joel and I allowed a week or two to go by and have decided to re-try the p90x workout regime once the weather is icky - as we know in just a matter of months, it will be!

My goals are simple:

1-Get to pre-Leland weight by July 31
2-Lose additional 10lbs by Oct 1st
3-Start p90x Nov 1st.

The other struggle we had with this program was the money aspect - purchasing free weights was just not something we wanted to invest in.  The GREAT news is that by August we will have 2 student loans paid in full and by the time we re-begin the program, we'll be a little more able to purchase additional workout items.

So, what are we doing right now?  Our aim is to hit at least 3x/week running 2+ miles.  (Joel can do more than I can)  I think the race was a starting point for us....we knew it would feel good to accomplish something...but there was just nothing like seeing downtown Cleveland packed with 15000 people all with one purpose. 

On we move...toward our goals.  Ultimately, my goal is to be the fittest I've ever been on my 30th birthday!  :-)  I guess its my way of telling myself that aging is OK.  I have to say that now my hubby is 30...it's kinda hot.

Much love, peeps....(by the way the pic above is of Joel on 'mustache monday')  It has no relevance to this post whatsoever.


Unknown said...

Jessica, if you want to exercise and work out, you have to get Wii Fit Plus with the Fit Board. You can run in front of the TV and a partner on the TV runs with you. If you pass him up, then you will start running with a dog on screen. There are basic streching exercises using the yoga part. There are so many things to do on that disc that will get your heart pumping. You can really het a work out. You can run with light weights in your hands while you run, etc. If you want to try it before you buy it. I'd be happy to bring it over one evening for you to try with Joel. I have the disc and the board shoulder carrying case and the power pack that plugs into the Wii and runs to the board so you don't have to change batteries. Also that would give us three a chance to get to know each other. I have good references that I'm only mildly crazy. Don't spead this around. Lol! If you both would rather not, I understand. You barely know me. Most people are not trusting enough to have a stranger over even if I know your Dad well. There are a few people from HOP I spend time with at there house for dinner or a movie. A lot of times both. Lol! I'd like to add a couple more friends to my small circle. I don't get out much. I try to meet your Dad every month or so. He's so great. I try to do the same with Pastor Mark or Pastor Silva for lunch as often as possible. Sometime we eat out, or sometimes they come to my house. We have a great time. Anyway, it was just a thought. Take care and good luck with the exercise routine. I hope I can maybe help you two out by showing you the board. Again, if you would rather not no big deal.


Ps. Don't judge me by what you hear from other, take time to judge me for yourselves. Please excuse any mistakes I'm my writing. I'm on my iPhone and I can't
scroll back to double check my grammar. Sorry

JMillerFam said...

thx xyane - our friends have the Wii fit and we've used it many times. thx for the offer, though. appreciate it!