Thursday, June 24, 2010

feeling grateful today

It was just 5 years ago around this time, I was preparing to leave my 12 week old baby Jude each day, every day to go back to work.  A part of me was excited.  I did miss the 'corporate'me.  He was a tough baby so the thought of a break from the fussy cries was appealing. Truth be told, sometimes I miss working.  The days can be long.  Joel works long hours.  However, I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to do both: Stay @ Home Mom + Full-time work-outside-the-home Mom. 

 I watch as my sons play with toys together...Leland will gaze at his brother and smile...and I will sit on the floor next to them both praying for time to freeze.  I find myself savoring this time and enjoying it so much.  I don't even get upset about Leland waking up in the middle of the night occasionally to nurse. 

Just a few days ago, as Jude ate his lunch,  Leland sat there salivating and desiring to eat it as well.  Jude looked at his brother and told me, "Mommy, Leland is my best friend and we will be a family and live together forever."  I love that our boys have the value & importance of loyalty and family in them at such a young age. 

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