Wednesday, May 5, 2010

so so so close...

It's been a tight month, financially. 
Bought a new car.
It takes more gas.
Got better insurance on it.
Had a new baby.
He eats solids now.
Got a speeding ticket.
Upgraded phones.

Life is full of the unexpected.  Seriously unexpected things just come up. 

I am humbled, however. I have a husband who is an incredibly hard worker.  He selflessly gives up nights/weekends/days off so he can make extra for us.  It's hard, to be honest, not to be directly helping out in that department.  Although, I do consider raising the kids/cleaning/cooking to help out a bit.  ;)

The GREAT news to share is....

In 2 months we will have TWO WHOLE STUDENT LOANS finally paid off!!!  This is HUGE.  
This is how I feel when I think about it. 

So....if you are down and out about finances like we have all been from time to time....look up, celebrate where you have come from, and be generous.  You always have more when you give lots!  

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