Monday, May 17, 2010

Birth 1

Beware a very sappy post up ahead:

I am peering down the week with various tasks; meals to make; love to dish out; cleaning to do over and over and over....

Today, though, I slowed my heart down.  I hugged my eldest son. I looked in his big green eyes. I told him how close his birthday is. Only 5 more days....til he is 5 years old.

An overwhelming feeling came over me.  I thought back to the day I found out I was carrying him.  It was too soon for me...Joel was still in art school.  I wasn't ready.  Little did I know how perfect the timing truly would be.  I remember his little kicks inside my womb.  I remember his spiky hair after his first bath in the hospital.  I remember falling in love with Joel all over again watching him transform from husband to father.  I remember when I asked Jude if he was ready to meet his new little brother...and his response was: "Mommy, is it OK if I am shy around him at first?"  Oh Jude, we love your innocence and tender heart.  We adore your thoughtful words and loving touch.  We appreciate the artwork you bring home....the chalk-board notes of love...and the snuggling....oh the snuggling!

I am stealing an idea from a friend (Amy D) to celebrate my son all week long!  It's birth week, people!  Jude gets to pick something fun to do each day in order to celebrate all the way til Saturday!  He is so very excited.  So far, all he can come up with is going to play grounds, libraries and play lands (stuff we do all the time as it is) - it makes me grateful that his ordinary life is celebration enough.  I do plan to throw in some surprises along the way...I want him to know how very much he is loved. 


Sara Steinmann said...

I enjoyed this one. I am doing the same look back. I didn't realize that he was born on the same day as Alisha. This Saturday she will be turning three. I can't believe it. Thank you it brought me to tears. Children are such a blessing. I am so thankful for my beautiful girls and the time I get to spend with them. God Bless you on your week!

LisaMarie said...

I was tear free until, "his ordinary life is celebration enough" can turn that into an entire sermon! :) what a beautiful testimony to you as a mother. Made my day, renewed my heart. Bless you my friend!