Monday, May 17, 2010

day 2 of birth week

So, my Jude is turning 5 in 4 days. Look how little he was....

My heart is excited for what is ahead but to be truthful, after yesterdays post, I sobbed like a baby in the car on the way to my parent's house.  I cannot think too long & hard about him being in school every day all day...I know I will adjust but I ache at the very thought of it.  I am going to miss the mornings...the snuggling as I drink my coffee.  I am going to miss our play-doh mornings.  I am also going to miss the spontaneous drive each day has....'what do you want to do today?"  I love that.  I realize he isn't dying or going to a boarding school or's just going to be different.  Sometimes when things change, I am simply just sad about it.  It couldn't more true a word for this week.  While i love to celebrate the gift of God I have had for 5 years...I am a teeny tiny itty bitty bit sad as well. 

Our 'special' birthweek event yesterday was a surprise trip to Grandma & Grandpa's house!  Fun had by all!

Today is a trip to a new playland + dessert after school.  Jude is totally digging this whole birth week celebration thing.  He walked up to my Dad and said, "It's my birth week...and it's time to get this PAR-TAY started!" 

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