Wednesday, May 19, 2010

9 by design (revisited)

I think I have it figured out why this show appeals to me so much.  It's not just the incredible design and innovation.  It is not the inspiring transformations and over-the-top art selections.  It is because this family has the same problems any family has.  Their kids whine. Their baby cries. Their kids disappear in the middle of intersections and cause them to freak out and yell.  Robert & Cortney are given the opportunity for a kid-free date night and they jump up and down like Joel and I do.  They are seemingly unafraid of that transparency.  They are also somewhat dumbfounded as to what makes their lives so interesting to the press.

In last night's episode, Robert came home to read Cortney some interesting press they had been receiving.  Both of them stared at the Times with such child-like excitement.  I guess I expected a 'snooty side' to rear its ugly head one of these episodes.  Truth be told...I'm still waiting for it.

As someone who is literally SURROUNDED by creative people, I cannot help but appreciate the ones who are so humble about their gift.  This show scratches me where I itch in the 'inspiration' department.  I already want to tear down every wall in my house and start over again....ok, maybe not the ideal design for my town....but makes me want to hit up flea markets all over town looking past the 'junk' and seeing what could be....

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