Friday, February 26, 2010

The REAL housewives....

Ok, so does anyone else watch this show on BRAVO? I cannot even believe I have gotten so's embarrassing, honestly.

These women....used to a very lavish lifestyle get together, bash one another for their faults in front of cameras (I realize it's all for ratings...) and in front of eachother. They stick up for one friend and the next minute they stab that same friend in the back. The marriage(s) displayed sadden me most. These dominant women....henpecked husbands....reflect no covenant relationship whatsoever.

I started to look at myself and my goals in life. It's not really complicated. I'd prefer a really cool coffeemaker over a pair of $3000 heels. I'd rather take my boys to Chuck E. Cheese than spend $10,000 on a trip to Figi with my girlfriends (and that I don't even see my own children.) Would I love a weekly massage? Sure....but I'd rather get one from my husband once a week in the comfort of our home....

I also started to think of my friends. I consider myself friends with alot of people but truly sharing my life with a tight knit group. Women I bare my soul to...women who are trustworthy...women who speak truth. I found as I 'counted those blessings' in the friendships I have, a real discovery took place: Who is the wealthy one? Those with $150,000 closets and marriages that carry no value? Those with plastic surgery but full insecurity?

No way Jose...I'm wealthier than all those women. What I posess is far greater than what money can buy. I needn't keep up with the Jones' as it is all 'meaningless' anyway. Guess I am the REAL housewife...and proud of it.

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